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Free Market Analysis 07030

Homeowners come to us for a free market analysis in 07030 because they want a precise sense of what they can make on their home when it’s time to sell. Some homeowners just want to satisfy their curiosities, while others are preparing to sell their homes. We go above and beyond the CMA to offer many other home-selling services, ensuring that you earn maximum value. I’m real estate professional Andrew Botticelli, and my team is here to guide you.

Buyers have so many resources available to them today that over 90% of them start searching online for their homes. And about half of them end up making an offer on a home they first saw on a real estate website. We’ll give your home listing maximum exposure with an online presence that’ll attract buyers everywhere. Starting with your CMA, we can begin creating an appealing listing by knowing your home’s asking price.

You’re getting a free market analysis in 07030 to know your home’s fair market value. But our inspection also presents an opportunity to identify areas of your home that could use upgrades or repairs, which could enhance your home’s value. Once we know what your home’s worth, we can target the right audience of buyers by appealing to their interests with your home listing and marketing.

Your CMA is your definitive first step when selling your home. As we inspect your home’s essential characteristics and criteria, we compare it to similar homes in your area by residence type to learn its value. Local experts like us are hard to come by, but we’ll be by your side throughout the assessment, listing, marketing, and negotiations as well to ensure a quick, efficient home sale. Call us today.

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